Your Only Costs

Our billing is simple and transparent.

You pay $1.45 per card mailed to customers with birthdays each month.  That includes:

  • Database creation and maintenance by Full Table

  • Printing your restaurant’s birthday cards

  • Personalizing and mailing cards to individual customers

  • All postage, including sending us completed sign-up forms and redeemed birthday cards

  • Program tracking and reporting

  • Quick reference guide to communicate the benefits and motivate staff

$100 set-up fee to cover just a portion of setting up your restaurant database and incorporating your logo into our invitation print and mail program.

That’s it. No hidden costs. Period.

We have refined this process over the years to make it turnkey for you at a minimal cost.  We take advantage of data processing and mailing efficiencies not available to most individual, independent restaurant owners.  Many have tried to do it themselves, none can do it more effectively or cost efficiently than us.

Limited Time Offer:

Get 3 Months of FREE Mailings, Plus an Added Bonus!

*New customers only


one-time set-up fee


per mailing … after your 3 months of FREE mailings

We’re so confident that our program will work for your restaurant that we will mail your database for FREE for 3 months (new customers only).

As an ADDED BONUS, we will provide you with an initial supply of sign-up forms … at no cost.

Since we also provide your initial supply of sign-up forms, your only cost for the first 3 months is the $100 set-up fee.

Just like all our clients, we’re sure you’ll see significantly increased birthday business from our program.  That’s why there’s no time or dollar commitment to our program.  Our program is 100% risk-free … you may stop at any time.

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    “Most impressive is that they don’t keep mailing to non-redeemers just to be able to charge us more. Instead, they only mail to those most likely to respond. We are in a seasonal market…our winter sales have increased… people have birthdays all year long!”

    Mike G., Hannibal, MO