Benefits Beyond Profits

Increased profits are just one of the many benefits of our program.
  • Builds business seven days a week, not only Friday and Saturday. Birthdays are spread equally throughout the week.

  • Birthdays are year-round. Our program helps take the bite out of slower seasons.

  • The perfect cross-sell program: influence your lunch customers to also visit you for dinner & encourage customers to dine at your other locations

  • We build a database for you. We collect customer names, addresses and email addresses.

  • The database is yours. We’ll provide all email addresses for free. At your request, we can segment your list by zip code, top spenders or any other criteria in the database.

  • Targets local customers as opposed to tourists.

  • Much more profitable than new customer programs. “Acquiring new customers is 5 to 10 times the cost of retaining your existing customers.” Bain and Company

  • Far more profitable than any email birthday program.

  • No mass mailings. We mail as efficiently for your restaurant as we do for our own. We don’t continually mail to non-redeemers, rather only to those most likely to respond, keeping costs down.

  • Our efficient, high-response mailing database will catch duplicate entries so you’re never mailing to the same person more than once a year.

  • We even mail belated birthday cards to customers who just missed their cut-off date, so you and they don’t have to wait a full year to benefit.

  • Birthday invitations have your logo, so it looks like it’s sent from your restaurant.

  • We can run our birthday program for you for less money than if you did it in-house. A number of our clients came to us after attempting to run a program for themselves.

  • Works well regardless of economic conditions. Response is the same whether the economy is weak or strong.

  • Geographic exclusivity. To maximize each client’s return, we will only accept one restaurant in a given area.

  • No other rewards, loyalty or marketing promotion program is simpler to run.

  • Your customers’ privacy is guaranteed. We will not sell, trade or use your database for anything other than mailing birthday cards to your customers.

 “They build an email database for me to use … for free! With all I do to run a successful restaurant, the birthday program is simple common sense.”

Lily W., Denver, CO