The Gift That Earns You More

The better the “gift,” the more profits you earn.

Our extensive, multi-year testing confirms that the gift of an entrée will earn you far more money than other less valuable offers.  Compared to “coupon-like” offers such as an appetizer or dessert:

  • Redemptions are over 5-times greater!

  • Revenues are over 7-times greater!

When your customer feels they are genuinely receiving a gift, they are more likely to:

  • Bring family and friends to celebrate with, and

  • Order valuable add-ons to their meal.

All it costs you is the food cost of one entrée.  In our experience from years of testing and tracking, a birthday 4-top is more profitable than a regular 4-top, even after your generous gift!

Controls that protect your upside

  • Maximum price limit. We recommend covering about two-thirds of the entrées on your menu. Your customers can pay the difference for more expensive items, helping to cover the food cost.

  • Exclusion of certain holidays. Most restaurants exclude Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and New Year’s Eve. But you may choose any ones you wish.

  • The Birthday Invitation is:
    1) Not combinable with other promotions,
    2) Not valid for take-out orders, and
    3) Limited to one per table

“It truly works as an invitation rather than a coupon, and we even get thank-you letters from our guests. Our customers love receiving a real birthday card in the mail. An email does not represent our image.”

Mark B., Mandeville, LA